Dr Gigglebritches

Dr. Gigglebritches aka Loretta DeAngelus from Niskayuna is a registered nurse who has been clowning around for over 30 years and has been with Clowns on Rounds since the beginning in 1992. She regularly visits at Ellis and Sunnyview hospitals and is responsible for initial and ongoing training of our staff. Her favorite props and routines include Bradley, her bubble-eating bird and red nose transplants.

“On my very first day, while visiting an elderly patient at Sunnyview, after my visit, the patient, who I didn’t know, was there for pain management, started to cry. She told me to get the nurse. I didn’t know just what I had done to make her cry. I was quickly relieved to hear the patient say to the nurse, ‘I want you to tell my doctor that the whole time Dr. Gigglebritches was here visiting me, I didn’t have any pain.’ At that point, I knew that what we do through Clowns On Rounds really works.”

“I love to be of service to people. I can see what a difference it makes to the patients, visitors and staff I come in contact with. It’s an amazing feeling when you hear someone tell you, ‘You made my day!’ whether its because of a small routine, a listening ear, a smile or just a gentle touch. Its the fuel that keeps me going!”

Loretta has won many awards for her clowning, including the Clowns of AmericaInternational (COAI) “Clown of the Year” in 2000.

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