Dr Merryheart

Dr. Merry Heart lives in Mount Vision, NY.  She is a certified teacher and mother of eight grown children.  Her clowning career had its beginning on a two week trip to Mexico when she discovered a love for the art of mime.

Since then she has participated in numerous mime intensive training weeks and has done countless performances and workshops.  Ten years ago she attended her first clown training week.  There she combined all her mime background with a new clown face to develop her first characters, “BJ” and “Prof. Womboggle”.

In 2012 when she began working with CLOWNS ON ROUNDS at three Schenectady hospitals, her “Dr. Merry Heart” character emerged.  Since then she has been sharing encouragement with so many each week in the hospitals! Recently she met a very discouraged woman in her room and lit up her day with some smiles, and later she was asked to visit with two children whose grandfather had just passed away on the cardiac floor. And, in between all the patients, visitors and the staff were brightened by her quick smile and cheerful heart.

Remember …”a merry heart does good like a medicine!”

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