Nurse Non Cents

Nurse Non Cents aka Nancy Rosekrans from Castleton on Hudson has been clowning for over 25 years and with us since 2000. She regularly performs in public as Rowdy the Clown, but also has several other characters she becomes for entertainment and educational appearances.

“My favorite thing is when you knock on that hospital door, ask if you can come in and you peek around the corner or curtain and receive a BIG SMILE. They wonder – what the heck! (Every once in awhile you get such a funny reaction.) Then you tell them your job was to make them smile and your job is done because they smiled. Folks will say, ‘I wish I had my camera.’ Even though I give them an autographed picture, they like ones taken with me! The new cell phones are great for that.”

Her favorite prop is her 6 inch “grey hair (hare)” and a routine involving a “frog” in her throat. Her big shoes are always a source of conversation. What she enjoys most is “being able to bring a little fun and smiles to a sometimes sad place or situation”.

Nancy had the honor of being named the 2002 Clowns of America International Clown of the Year”!

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