Nurse Sonshine

Nurse Sonshine aka Carol Sue Hart from Wilton has been a clown for 19 years, is a retired employee of New York State and with Clowns on Rounds since 2000.  She says, “My favorite rou-tine is to wait until the end of my visit and ask the patient if they saw my shoes.  They are BIG red shoes.  I tell the person, ‘When I was a little girl, my mother bought me these shoes. She told me they were this big so that my feet would have plenty of room to grow and it would save a lot of money.  ‘When I got older, they were perfect for my bunions and corns. Then I tell them, ‘When I was young, I wanted to be a cheerleader but I was a klutz. My daughters made cheerleading, but I didn’t. So I decided to learn to tap dance.’ Then I do a dance for them using my little clicker and end with, ‘Ta-dah!’ Just seeing people laugh is an amazingly wonderful and rewarding feeling.”

I love to go in and see the people’s faces brighten as I walk in the door. I see the joy of the one-day surgery patients as my clowning keeps their minds off what is happening or what they have gone through. You can see the ‘kids inside’ coming out saying, ‘You made my day!’ I want to say it has been a blessing to me.  By the way, Sonshine spelled this way is because the Joy and Laughter comes from God and my relationship

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