What is Humor Therapy?

Can Laughter Really Help?

Humor Therapy is the power of smiles and laughter to aid in healing. Sometimes called therapeutic humor, it can help you find different ways to make yourself and those around you laugh and smile more. Many nurses have always known the value of a good laugh for those they are caring for. Like we always say here at Clowns on Rounds, "Laughter is the Best Medicine!"

Being able to laugh will often help a patient and their family keep their minds off their illness and can often allow a person to feel in control of the situation. Through humor, a person can release their fear and stress and improve their overall quality of life.

When is Therapeutic Humor Used?

Anyone can benefit from the use of humor therapy but you will most commonly see those being treated for long term chronic diseases such as cancer. Many times these diseases will have a negative effect on one's mood which in turn can make the patient's condition worse. Caregivers will also benefit from humor therapy as they are at a higher risk of becoming sick themselves. A good laugh is a great way to relieve stress and will give can go a long way for the both patient and caregiver alike.

Will My Doctor Approve of Humor Therapy?

Even though they may not be aware of the exact medical benefits of humor therapy, your doctor is more than likely to approve any efforts made toward using humor therapy. There is no risk involved, it is inexpensive and is readily available in many hospitals across the country. As with any alternative therapy you are using or considering, please consult with your doctor first and let them know that you would like to try humor therapy as part of your recovery.

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